No, that is not a typo in my title…at least not to my child. My youngest has coined the term, “compfany” and, truthfully, I don’t have the heart to tell him it isn’t an actual word. I’m hoping it will catch on culturally, like some slang term that really makes a point. You see, he instictually put together the words “comfort” and “company,” and it just seems to work. The other day I was watching him drink out of his cup covered in smiling dinosaurs and asked him why he thought the one larger dinosaur was smiling (I know, I know. Poor kid can’t get away from his psychologist parents). His instantaneous answer was that the large dinosaur was happy because he was with all his friends.

My son has already come to the conclusion that being in connection with others is essential for being well. Holding on to this truth in the face of the inevitable relational disappointments and hurts is the difficulty he faces. How open will he stay to relationship, his life source and the essence of being human, remains to be seen.

How have you done after your years on this planet with the people whom you have encountered? Are people still synonymous with comfort, or have you gradually pulled back and tried to cope with life’s inevitable struggles on your own.  In isolation, either physically or emotionally withdrawn, the roots of anxiety and depression often take hold and feed on your inner turmoil as it builds on the uncomforted stresses of life.  If that’s true, then its time to repair the foundational truth of your need for relationship.  To borrow and change a line from Billy Joel’s song, “Honesty”, I would reword it as “Compfany, it’s hardly ever heard, but mostly what I need from you.”