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8 02, 2019

Growing wings in therapy


“The Very Hungry Caterpillar” has it wrong.  Butterflies do NOT spin cocoons as the book says (moths spin cocoons out of silk, while butterflies form a chrysalis out of their own body).  Just as Curious George isn’t really a monkey (my precocious 2-year-old once pointed out that George doesn’t have a tail: ergo he’s [...]

Growing wings in therapy2019-04-03T18:25:33-07:00
21 06, 2017

Beyond Surviving


After over two years of preparation, planning and patience, the new painting for my office has arrived. For me, it captures a large part of who I am and how I work as a psychologist. At a basic level, I'm a car nut and a racing fan. Formula One car racing is playing “chess” [...]

Beyond Surviving2019-08-25T10:07:11-07:00
17 02, 2017

Couples counseling reprograms your relationship thermostat


“I’m freezing!” “It feels like a sauna in here!” Have you ever fought over the thermostat, trying to find a comfortable setting? It’s one of those classic battles that couples often have over temperature comfort. I see something similar that goes on in couples counseling when it comes to determining the closeness of a [...]

Couples counseling reprograms your relationship thermostat2017-05-24T14:46:57-07:00
16 12, 2016

The USA Needs Marriage Counseling


The USA needs marriage counseling. I don’t mean counseling for the couples, but help for the 325 million people who are at such odds with one another right now. Watching the nation through the presidential election process and aftermath, I wish I could fit the entire country into my office for some help.  I [...]

The USA Needs Marriage Counseling2020-09-10T10:37:53-07:00
2 10, 2016

Christian counseling that’s right for you


So you’re looking for Christian counseling. You’ve searched the internet for “Christian counseling near me” and you don’t know what to make of the mixed results. I get the confusion. When I look at search results just for Lake Forest, where I am, it’s hard to understand what it all means. The information overload [...]

Christian counseling that’s right for you2018-03-22T16:14:23-07:00
5 09, 2016

Spice your sex with Salt ‘N’ Pepa


Salt ’N’ Pepa were on to something when they sang their 1991 song, Let's talk about sex . Let’s talk about sex, baby Let’s talk about you and me Let’s talk about all the good things And the bad things that may be Let’s talk about sex The song was edgy for the time, [...]

Spice your sex with Salt ‘N’ Pepa2017-05-03T11:50:42-07:00
5 08, 2016

A Red Pill for Your Relationship “Matrix”


While doing marriage counseling with Orange County couples, I often see them struggle to stay connected with a current conversation because they become triggered by fears of losing connection with their partner. When that happens, all current reality is lost and they both spin off into a “virtual reality” of fears that cycle around and around as both trigger [...]

A Red Pill for Your Relationship “Matrix”2017-05-30T13:41:08-07:00
28 07, 2016

A relationship lesson from Grover


When it comes to change and growth, it’s easy to understand that it is a process without perfect progress. Just like the stock market, things go up and things go down, but the overall trajectory is upward. The same is true for relationship change. Most people would agree that change in [...]

A relationship lesson from Grover2017-05-30T13:44:10-07:00