Addiction Therapist

An estimated 23 million people in the United States have a substance abuse problem, yet only 11% actually seek help from an addiction therapist. It costs this country about $700 billion annually in expenses related to crime, lost work productivity and health care. However, the cost to each individual struggling with an addiction can be staggering when you consider the losses in work, relationship, health and overall happiness.

But addiction is a much larger problem. This statistic includes only substance abuse and doesn’t factor in other common addictive behaviors that can also benefit from an addiction therapist. Consider what all of the things in this list have in common?:

  • illegal drugs

  • prescription medication

  • food

  • sex

  • gambling

  • pornography

  • exercise

  • tobacco

  • social media

  • work

  • alcohol

  • love

  • cell phone

This above list of substances or behaviors have one thing in common:

they are all common parts of a persons life, but for some these have developed into addictions that have just as big of an impact on a person as a substance addiction. The good news is that each of these addictions, and others, could be very successfully helped with an effective addiction therapist.