Dear Greg, There are no words to express my appreciation for the work you have done for me. This has been an amazing journey of healing. To say that I'm a different person today is an understatement. To go from voiceless to having a voice and a sense of self is almost too much for me to take in and process...

…When I first walked in your door, I just wanted to go home to be with Jesus. I couldn’t see any way out of the troubled marriage that was killing me. I had no self worth or attachment to my Heavenly Father that would add a sense of belonging. All I knew is that I had failed, in marriage, in life and with my children. You gave me hope, healing, wisdom, sometimes a push to go forward. You were the father I never had, the mentor I needed. You were truth and grace wrapped up in one, Jesus with skin on. Thank you. The icing on the cake is that not only am I stronger, our marriage has improved and the children are working on their issues. Even my brother has come to Christ over all this recovery. I love the ripple effect. I don’t know what the future holds, I do know I have more tools to handle it because of you. Thank you.”

I want to express how very much I appreciate your sincere, loving, consistent, focused work with m There is no way I would have been able to serve such broken children had it not been for the time, caring ....

….and wisdom you you shared with me each week. I know and hope that personal growth is part of my future for the rest of my life and have a long way to go in that regard, and I thank you for your part in where I am today.

I am doing really well. I see in a practical way what you told me before about how healthy people have other healthy people around them and they perform the listening, advising, encouraging and warning that you have provided over the past years. Often I get to share my testimony and encouragement about having to go through the pain/sorrow...feel it, experience it, and you will get over it. But if you avoid it or try to go around it, you just have to address it later on. I'm getting teary thinking about it....

…You really took my hand and helped me through all that pain and hurt and insecurity. I was so broken and empty. I don’t feel that way anymore. Thank you so much for your compassion and patience and encouragement. I recently realized that I don’t fear my partner leaving me anymore. I don’t expect to NEVER have those fears or insecurities crop up from time to time, but I’m recognizing the lies and speaking truth to them instead of entertaining them and preparing for the possibility. There was a time when I was very aware of our next appointments because I wanted to talk things over with you. Now I have others I’m sharing with and receiving from. I guess it’s like growing up. I even received a promotion to editor and a small raise. It’s been so good, Greg. I really love where I’ve reached and where I’m going.

I cannot say enough positive things about Greg. He is more than a counselor. I consider him a friend. He followed-up when he didn't have to, he was patient with me and he was a wonderful listener...

…Greg has the gift of gently guiding you to your own answers so you learn how to come to them yourself as time goes on. I grew spiritually and as a person in his care. He has an extensive knowledge of God’s word, and does a tremendous job articulating God’s truth. I am forever grateful to him for helping me build a firm foundation in which I am able to live a God-centered life.

Thank you for all the work you've done with me. I know it requires a great deal of patience on your part and I really appreciate it...

…Your continual caring and concern for my well-being make me feel like I matter in this world.

I wanted to thank you for helping us learn how to understand ourselves and each other better. You've made a difference in our marriage and our family's lives and I wanted you to know that...

…I think you have a special gift at sensing and understanding people that help you connect on a deeper level.

Hi Dr. Greg. I can't say enough ‘’thank you’s’’ for all the help you gave me. Even my daughter thanks you because she sees a change in me. When I first saw you, I was going through some of the most difficult times in my life. I was having problems with my my daughter and was in a severe depression. I was isolating from all relationships and was generally disappointed in myself and in life. I had very little hope things could be different...

…Through Godly principles, an abundance of patience and true caring, you helped me sort through my feelings and understand them – where they were coming from and how they were impacting my life as an adult. You walked me through the strong emotions I was feeling from the deep hurts in my life. I didn’t think change was possible at first, but with hard work and your help, I began setting healthy boundaries in my current relationships and began reaching out and making deeper connections with others. I look at where I was when I first came to you and where I am today. I am so pleased with how much progress has been made. I appreciate your knowledge, guidance, kindness and support. It has made all the difference in my life, as well as my family’s lives.

I’ve spoken about my experiences with you to so many friends and family since I regularly saw you during that very tough time in my life. I want to thank you for everything you helped me with. Words could never express in totality how grateful I am for what you did for me...

… to help me move forward in life with such a new outlook. Everything I learned from you helped me be a better person for people I love in my life because you helped me understand the depths of me and the value of self care—among so many other things. Thank you for giving me the tools to direct my life in a much better direction.

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