There’ve been two eclipses today. Much of the world was focused on a solar eclipse happening today. Most will have missed the other eclipse that just happened, visible only to a few privileged people to experience. As I was leaving an appointment today, I received an email that a bright light in the world had been eclipsed. A client of mine had just died. It was not sudden or unexpected but still left me saddened and changing course to take time and sit at the beach to process what had just happened. It struck me that on such a magnificent day in Orange County, with a touch of cool in the air, the warm sun shining down and happy families playing in the glassy, crystal clear ocean that it could all be so wrong while being so right. While I do serve a role with people as a psychologist, I have a confession; I really like the people I work with. What they pay covers my bills, but caring about them is a freely given gift. It is very personal and an honor to walk along with them through some of the greatest struggles of their life and I care deeply about how they are when we are done with the meeting. So, today I am grieved to have lost such an inspiration who stayed in the process of growing even while facing death. Someone who faced the pain, shortcomings and struggles of their own life and worked so hard to learn how to open with others and genuinely receive the support and love that was so feared. All too often we hold back from being “all in” with who we are. To know and be known by others. Such a tragic loss only highlights the difficulty in being messy with others and letting them be there with us for as long as they are able. Maybe you can relate to that struggle. Today the world lost a marriage partner, a parent, a sibling a child, a grandparent,a friend and much more. My consolation in it all is seeing already how my client’s hard work had already begun to spread to the lives of others around them. I can only trust that the gift of that courageous work continues to spread and, in that way, the light of this life returns and continues on through others. I’m sure the eclipse will end, and the gift of knowing and working with this client as an Orange County therapist will continue to shine for me and others. But from my corner of the world here in the OC today, it’s a little bit darker right now.  I’m not depressed, just deeply sad.  I think I’ll follow my client’s example and call a friend now to talk.