When you hear the word “depression,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For many, the word conjures images of people holed up in their room, so distraught that they can barely function in their day-to-day life.

While depression can certainly look like this, did you know that many people are clinically depressed without even knowing it? In many cases, it’s the person who is depressed that is often the last on to realize they are in need of depression therapy.  So if you think that depression may be getting ahold of you, take a look at some of the typical symptoms listed below and maybe even have someone close to you give you another perspective on how you are doing.

You’re Not Happy…or Unhappy

You’re not jumping for joy, but you’re not sobbing uncontrollably either. You’re just…okay. If you find yourself in this weird gray zone, you may be turning off all your emotions in an attempt to block out unhappiness.

You Don’t Enjoy the Same Things as Much

You love Saturday night bowling matches with your friends, but recently it seems more like a chore than a good time. If so, undiagnosed depression may be dulling your sense of pleasure from otherwise fun activities. Even worse, it may have already caused you to pull back socially, making it harder for people to notice your depression.

You’ve Been Very Emotional Recently

You’ve never been the type to cry while watching a movie, but you suddenly find yourself bawling at a rom-com. Or maybe, you find yourself snapping at every tiny mistake that your child has been making for days now. When you hold back feelings of sadness, others often show up in its place, causing you to experience volatile emotions.

You’re Acting Recklessly

Shopping sprees? Drinking till 3 AM? Spending the night at a casino? Engaging in one-night stands? If you find yourself doing reckless things like these, you may be suffering from hidden depression. By seeking these quick thrills, you attempt to gain a brief but pleasurable escape from the negative emotions until they catch up to you again.

Your Weight Has Fluctuated Wildly

People suffering from depression often experience weight loss or gain. Some people can’t seem to find any pleasure in eating, and may drastically shed weight. On the flipside, others “eat” their feelings by stuffing themselves with comfort food, causing them to pack on the pounds.

Depression is no small problem, with about 1 in 10 Americans suffering from this condition. Even more concerning, the number of people being diagnosed with depression have been growing by 20% each year.

Sadly, about 80% of those who suffer from depression symptoms are not getting any treatment. If you or someone you know exhibit some or all of these, consider seeing a trusted Orange County psychologist immediately.

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