Therapy Services

While I will provide you with a variety of issues with which I work, I encourage you to consider the fact that you are more than just your symptoms. I view myself as a foundation expert, which is why I’ve called my private practice “The Relation Foundation“.  My services as a therapist focus on repairing and completing the core parts of people that are either missing or injured from life experiences. Many kinds of buildings can go on top of a solid and complete foundation, but when the foundation has problems it will show in everything built upon it.

So often people come to me for help with symptoms like depression, marriage problems, addiction or career issues, but these usually indicate a foundational issue related to how the person sees themselves, their place in life and how to do relationships. When the foundation of a person is incomplete or misshapen, there may be no option for a person other than to compensate the best they can and cope with the resulting problems for a time. I admire the tenacity of people to survive such situations where they are trapped and forced to make do.  However, when the foundation or core of a person is problematic simply fixing (and usually re-fixing) the symptom is not enough and will result in the same problems or symptoms persisting and usually getting worse.

Building and repairing the foundation of a person usually requires a combined approach. One part of therapy “services” the missing pieces through “counseling” that helps a person know what they didn’t know about life and living. The other part of therapy “services” the parts that are there and in need of repair through re-working those issues in a safe and caring therapy relationship.

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

                             Carl Gustav Jung

I thrive on a mixture of both individual and couples therapy. My approach to each working relationship with my clients will vary depending on what is most helpful to each situation. I am able to change emphasis to better service the needs of the situation and the person, such as a more directive approach and goal setting when needed or, for example, greater attention to the spiritual elements of a situation when that is important. My clients range in age from late teens through retirement and come from all walks of life, including other therapists, peer counselors, pastors, business and community leaders. While I enjoy children, when it comes to therapy I would rather refer them and any extended family work to other colleagues who excel in those areas.

Some of the Common Symptoms I Work With Include the Following:

  • overeating/eating disorder
  • sexual addiction/pornography
  • low self esteem
  • separation/divorce
  • identity issues
  • perfectionism
  • suicidality/self-harm
  • gender identity struggles
  • workaholic
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • communication problems
  • spiritual struggles
  • substance abuse
  • addiction
  • men’s issues
  • affairs
  • stress